Our sales team which is expert in its field that had adopted providing professional service on customer request as a principle by adopting the conception of service specific to the customer request is delivering our products having high quality to the user with complete service conception by focusing on unconditional customer satisfaction aim.


As Pres Makina, we deliver the machines and the facilities which you buy in your production area by undertaking all logistic activities and realize turnkey projects with local setup service. By undertaking and perfectly realizing your logistic operations, we disburden your work load and provide you the ability of saving of time.

User Education

Our after-sales user training is given by our expert engineers for the aim of being operated of the product/facility which you buy, providing long term product life by correct maintenance methods and being produced of the concrete products which you produce in high quality.

After Sales Support

Satisfaction based on perfect service to the customers has big importance for Pres Makina. Its customer centricity conception means its global existence, flexibility and permanently support. And the after sales service is the most important part of the customer centricity. Our all machines and facilities include 2 years guarantee and spare part providing guarantee on global scale.